Adult Education of Faith


Winter/Spring Session 2014


“Preparation for becoming a member of the Greek Orthodox Christian Church”


This is an invitation for you to attend Education of Faith- Catechumen classes.  The purpose of these classes is to prepare you in becoming a member of the Greek Orthodox Christian Church.  The classes will offer you the opportunity to learn about our Greek Orthodox Christian Faith and Church in a comfortable environment with other persons who desire a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and the Church He founded as established by the Holy Spirit.  The schedule of meeting dates and topics to be covered are listed below.  All sessions will take place on Sundays from 2:30 – 4:30 pm in the Boardroom located at the end of the corridor of the Church Hall.  Refreshments will be served.  You are encouraged to attend all of the sessions (together with your Orthodox Christian fiancée if applicable).

If you would like to attend please contact Father Konstantine at


Meeting Dates & Topics

Sunday February 23, 2014 (Session Completed)

Topic 1:

Introduction – Who is an Greek Orthodox Christian?  What is the Greek Orthodox Christian Church?

Church History – Where did we come from?  Where are we now?

Sunday March 2, 2014 (Session Completed)

Topic 2:          

Holy Sacraments – Active Christian life in the Church!  Growing in Christ!

Sunday March 9, 2014 (Session Completed)

Topic 3:          

Holy Tradition – The life of the Holy Spirit in the Church.  Big “T” vs. Little “t”.

Sunday March 16, 2014 (Session Completed)

Topic 4:          

Church Calendar – Feasts and Fasts.  Giving meaning to the year.

Sunday March 23, 2014 (Session Completed)

Topic 5:

Church Calendar – Feasts and Fasts.  Giving meaning to the year (continued)

Sunday April 6, 2014 (Session Completed)

Topic 6:

Sacred Symbols, Sacred Space – How  the Temple speaks to Church Tour.

(NB: This session will take place in the Church)

The Divine Liturgy – Our worship.  Praying as a family!