HOPE is a playgroup for families with young children from JK to grade 2 that are Orthodox Christians and members of the Greek Orthodox Community of Sts. Peter and Paul Church.  The objective of HOPE is to lead our young children into a living active relationship with Jesus Christ in our Orthodox Christian Faith. The events are all age appropriate allowing plenty of opportunity for structured activities as well as excellent social interaction for adults.  Since this is a Greek Orthodox Christian Playgroup, the children are taught to make the sign of the Cross before all snacks or meals.  All adults are asked to help the children with this.  Each adult is responsible for his or her child’s behaviour, whereabouts and well being at all times as this is a parent-supervised group.  It is at these ages that a foundation of the faith can best be set; a foundation that will guide and strengthen our young people as they progress in their lives!  Enjoy the opportunity to relax with the children and your friends…and to make new friends!

For many of these children, their participation in HOPE will be their initial contact into the Greek Orthodox Church.  This creates the opportunity to establish a lifelong love in the Greek Orthodox Church and its teachings that these children will in turn pass down to future generations. Please remember that the advisors are volunteers, doing their best and should be treated respectfully.  Any comment or suggestion should be addressed to them.  Parents are always welcome to help our advisors whether able, and as needed.

This year we have a need for more youth group advisors.   Please consider volunteering!  All advisors must be members of the Sts. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church.

If anyone is interested in being an advisor, please contact Fr. Konstantine Chatzis at 519-573-1033 or fatherkonstantine@stspeterandpaulgoc.ca


Hope & Joy Harvest Party!

Held on Saturday October 29,2016