We have observed the growing number of young families in our community.  For this reason, in 2006, by the grace of God we started the “JOY” YOUTH PROGRAM for Greek Orthodox Youth in grades 3 and 4. Our Greek Orthodox Youth groups are for all Orthodox Christians whose families are members of the Sts. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church.

The purpose of JOY is to help establish a solid basis of faith from which the children will be able to draw strength and courage to face the obstacles they will encounter throughout their lives.  As they participate in various activities, they begin to create within themselves a love and acceptance for the teaching of the Greek Orthodox Christian Faith.  The youth, based on this faith, will develop a valued system that will enable them to make the right choices later on in life.

JOY is also the beginning of a community of friends that will support each individual through the choices they are to make in the next few years.  Ultimately, this program has the objective to lead children into a living and active relationship with the Greek Orthodox Church.  It is at these ages that a foundation of the faith can best be set; a foundation that will guide and strengthen our young people as they progress in their lives!

For many of these children, their participation in JOY will be their initial contact into the Greek Orthodox Church.  This creates the opportunity to establish a lifelong love in the Greek Orthodox Church and its teachings that these children will in turn pass down to future generations.

Activities that have been planned in the past include; Harvest Party, PJ pizza and movie night, Theophany Dive for the Cross, Palm Cross and Easter egg decoration, Winter Olympics, Skating party and Year End celebration.  Knowing the number of actual participants will especially help in the planning of activities.  Please remember that the advisors are volunteers, doing their best and should be treated respectfully.  Any comment or suggestion should be addressed to them.  Parents are always welcome to stay and observe activities, as well as, to help our advisors whether able, and as needed.

This year we have a need for more youth group advisors.   Please consider volunteering!  All advisors must be members of the Sts. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church.

If anyone is interested in being an advisor, please contact Fr. Konstantine Chatzis at 519-573-1033 or




Hope & Joy Harvest Party!

Held on Saturday October 29,2016