Summer Camp (CampMet)


Camp Met: Living the Faith!


Camp Metamorphosis (Camp Met) is an Orthodox Christian fellowship designed for youths and counselors to grow in their faith by participating in various fun and educational programs including worship services and sessions about Orthodox life, tradition, and culture.

“Camp Met’s goal is to gather our Orthodox children together and to offer them an opportunity, free from society’s problems, to learn about their faith and to have a good time doing it. We hope they will return home with a greater understanding of their faith and become more involved in their religious and cultural communities. I believe Camp MET is the best thing that we do in our Youth Ministry. Our campers love it because they are able to express themselves about who they are in relation to God”
— Rev. Fr. Theologos Drakos, Camp Director of Camp Met Ontario


The week-long camp program allows campers between the ages of 14-18 to engage in a variety of summer activities that emphasize fellowship and learning through worship services, sports, arts and crafts, fireside chats, Greek dancing and much more. Each day begins with an Orthros service and concludes with a Vesper service in the evening, followed by the celebration of the Divine Liturgy on Thursday morning. Throughout the week, campers also have the opportunity to participate in various sacraments such as Holy Communion, Holy Confession and Holy Unction.


Counselors are responsible for supervising and facilitating the activities and helping campers complete assigned tasks within their cabins and encourage group discussions about daily events and other religious topics. For youths who have participated as campers, the experience has been rewarding and often many youths return as counsellors in support of the camp program and to be positive role models.

“There are many words to describe Camp Metamorphosis but I’ll simply say it is a blessing, and the most fun and spiritually-fulfilling experience of a lifetime. Camp MET has been the epiphany of my life because I have learned and understand so much more about my Orthodox Christian faith.”
— Chris Stilos, Program Director on the Camp Metamorphosis Board and has participated as a camper and counselor since 2006

For more information you can visit the Greek Orthodox Metropolis Youth Board of Canada website here